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This page contains only basic information about project. For more information, see project web page: site.

The VRECKO system is being developed in our laboratory for several years. It is a component system capable of managing and displaying the virtual world using various devices, such as computer monitors, large stereo-projections or head mounted displays. It can also take use of data gloves, pinch gloves, PHANToM and ReachIn devices and others.

A growing set of components is available, which means new applications can be prototyped rapidly. Plenty of components/extensions were done as a students work during appropriate courses or as a part of their theses.

You can see related publications in the "Publications" section.

Related diploma's and bachelor's theses are presented mostly in the section about the Center for Computer Graphics .

If you are outside our faculty (= you don't have an account on FI MU), you can download the snapshot of our system to test it out on your computer. The snapshot contain code, examples, data a compiled executables, so you can run a few examples directly from the VRECKO\bin\examples directory. Download it here (snapshot as of 2011/11/15):

(For students working in the HCI Lab, this is NOT RECOMMENDED as you have access to the current source codes and other data in the Subversion repository.)

FULL MANUAL / WIKI is here (in Czech):